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Can I get rid of my Anxiety by having an ESA Dog?

Tired of taking medication for anxiety? The medication for the anxiety does not guarantee the results but it does come with side-effects. If you have been facing such trouble and your doctor has suggested you get an emotional support dog, then you must. The most common emotional support animal is a cockapoo dog. If you are wondering if your emotional support dog can help you get rid of anxiety. Then the answer is simple: YES! But it's understandable that knowing this is not enough, which is why this article has some ways of how your emotional support dog will help you to recover from anxiety and give you the courage to fight it.

During your down days and happy ones, your emotional support dog will stay by your side no matter what. 




You are not required to train your emotional support norwegian forest cat and do not even require any kind of certification. All you need to have is an emotional support dog letter after a complete assessment by a licensed health professional. You can show this better to your Housing Society authorities or landlord, in case they object to keeping an emotional support dog. 


Another benefit of keeping an emotional support animal is that if you get anxious to travel by air,  then your emotional support dog will help you stay calm. Again you can show the emotional support letter to the airplane management and they will allow your emotional support dog. It is also better that you inform them 48 hours before your flight. So when you are boarded on the plane with your emotional support dog, you will focus on petting it rather than worrying about the height of the plane. As your emotional support dog will divert your attention, you will feel less anxious. 


Many people feel anxious when they are in a crowd or when they talk to people they are not familiar with. At such times, an emotional support dogo argentino can be really helpful to get over any such feeling. It is better not to take your ESA dog to open food places where they might cause trouble. However, you can take them with you to a restaurant that allows emotional support animals. But in that case, it is that you put a harness on them and they are trained to listen to you.


If you are really an introvert and find it difficult to communicate with other people,  then you will be surprised how your emotional support dog will end your anxiety and give you confidence. For instance, if you take your emotional support dog to a park, then it is probable that many people who are anatolian shepherd lovers will come to pet it. You will be able to communicate naturally with them little at the start. Once you get that confidence, communicating with others will become much easier.


It has been observed that people who suffer from anxiety really need food to communicate about their emotional state with someone. However, the issue is that they find it difficult to trust and communicate with others very difficult. But you will be able to talk to them at any time of the day knowing that they will not judge you at all. This will create the same feeling as catharsis.


The best way is to adopt  hypoallergenic dogs from a local pet store. You can locate them easily from a simple online search. In this way, one dog will find a forever home and you will get rid of anxiety. Contact your mental health professional to begin with the procedure. It is guaranteed that you will never regret this decision. 

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